Make Sony PXW-X500 Smoothly Edited in FCP

This guides relies on the topic of making Sony PXW-X500 smoothly edited in FCP 6/7 especially for those people who work FCP 6/7 for much. 

"Several days ago, I took part in the big outside party which hold to celebrate the 2014 Halloween in the next block, as the professional video editor, I was invited to record the happy moments. During the all night, I worked well with my new camcorder, Sony PXW-X500. However, you know it is so necessary to edit them for a dispose in FCP 7. It seems there are some trouble in this importing progress. 'Unsupported' warning I've got on my screen. So any solutions there?" 


It seems XAVC - the latest high definition video format introduced by Sony is not supported by FCP so far. Surely, you may know that some third-party tools can also do this job but what you don't know is sometimes, we will meet the trouble of unstable working capacity, conflict versions, etc. so I recommend the Pavtube XAVC to FCP 6/7 Converter for Mac for all you guys. With the stable version and excellent capacity, I'm you can enjoy it as your best assistant. 

Note: You can also try three top Mac XAVC Video Converters that each one can handle the XAVC/XAVC S videos well for editing or playback on Mac: Top 3 Best XAVC/XAVC S Video Converter for Mac Review 

Follow my steps and just with one screenshot, I can provide you the all details on how to make Sony PXW-X500 XAVC videos friendly with FCP 6/7. For a first step, load your files in with 'Add video' and 'Add from folder'. If you connect your camera with the computer by USB cable, you can drag them directly in this program. Next we are going to the most important point, which should we choose as the best output? There are several types of Apple ProRes Codec especially for FCP, just choose one you think the best in the 'Final Cut Pro' on the output list. For example, 'Apple ProRes Codec 422 (*.mov)' may be your choice. When you choose the output, in 'Editor' and 'Settings' buttons, you will get more. 


Tips: No matter for the latest Windows 10 or Mac Yosemite, you can go well with this job. For some people who are the first time to use FCP7 or FCP 6, here are some transfer steps for you. 

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HD Video Converter for Mac Key Features: 
-Convert 1080p/720p MKV, MOV, MXF, MTS, M2TS, M2T, TS, M4V, MP4, AVI, MPG, VOB, WMV, 3GP, FLV videos for playing, editing, uploading or burning. 
-Support ProRes/DNxHD/DVCPRO/AIC and other codecs for NLEs on Mac. 
-Convert HD footages from Sony, Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, JVC, etc. 
-Convert any video and audio for multiple playback devices. 

DVD Creator for Mac: 
-Create playable DVD disc, DVD folder and DVD ISO from different file types. 
-Make DVDs from TiVo, MTS, MOV, WMV, AVI, MPEG, MP4, MKV and more. 
-Burn ISO image file and DVD folder/VIDEO_TS to a DVD disc directly. 
-Create DVD movies with NTSC or PAL video standard. 


Source: http://camcordervideoshare.altervista.org/blog/edit-pxw-x500-xavc-infcp-6-7/

Newest Way Editing Samsung NX1 H.265 in Premiere Pro/Sony Vegas Pro

Trapped in the trouble of H.265 footage shot by Samsung NX1 camcorder? How much do you know about the latest codec H.265? Do you think it is only the upgraded version of the former H.264? Whatever, this new H.265 footage seems not so friendly with Adobe Premiere Pro and Sony Vegas Pro, so we need to find some solutions to get rid of the trouble. In this article you can receive some efficient solutions here. 


Professional explanation of H.265/HEVC codec: 

H.265/High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) is a video compression standard, a successor to H.264/MPEG-4 AVC (Advanced Video Coding), that was jointly developed by the ISO/IEC Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) and ITU-T Video Coding Experts Group (VCEG). HEVC is said to double the data compression ratio compared to H.264/MPEG-4 AVC at the same level of video quality. (Let's Have an Intensive Talking on H.265/HEVC

What's the Prospect and benefit of H.265 codec? 

H.265 is the codec of the future, we have advanced to that time, and rolling a way back machine back to now, by giving to users an affordable and easy HEVC video converter. See the results yourself With the H.265 encoder incorporated on Cinec we achieved the following result, by converting a ProRes file of 550MB to a H.265 5MB file with almost no noticeable difference at normal screens, look yourself. 

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Key features of Samsung NX1 camcorder: 
  • 4K (DCI 4K & UHD) video recording using H.265 codec 
  • Can output 4:2:0 8-bit 4K video over HDMI 
  • Stripe pattern AF illuminator with 15m range 
  • Weather-resistant magnesium alloy body 
  • USB 3.0 interface 
  • Optional battery grip

What a pity that the output footage H.264 cannot be accept well by Adobe Premiere/Sony Vegas! In order to get a nice watching of these videos, we need to do some changes. Luckily, we have the PavtubeNX1 H.265 Video Converter, with the upgraded version, it can work the H.265/HEVC codec well. As we all know the best codec for Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas is MPEG-2, so we just transcode our NX1 H.265 footage to MPEG, right? Let's do it! 

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Guide on how to transcode H.265 from Samsung NX1 to MPEG for editing in Adobe Premiere Pro and Sony Vegas Pro. 

Step 1. Load your H.265 files into this best H.265 Video converter. 

Install Pavtube H.265 Video converter on your PC, then load your H.265 files from NX1 by clicking 'Add video' and 'Add from folder', or just drag-and-drop your NX1 H.265 files in this interface. 


Step 2. Choose "MPEG-2 (*.mpg)" as your output format 

Come to the output list, just select the suitable formats for Adobe and Sony Vegas. Tap the 'MPEG' in the searching box is okay. Or drop down the list, nearly on the bottom of the list, we can find the 'Adobe Premiere Pro/Sony Vegas' >>'MPEG-2 mpg' there. Just as follows: 


Tips: Encode your original videos to H.265 codec for enjoying with nice effects? On the output list, select the 'HD Video'>>'H.265 HD Video(*.mp4) there. I have to mention you that though H.265 coded has the higher definition, it will take you much more time to work with. (Convert H.264, MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, FLV to H.265 video


According to the workflow, usually for those advanced users, it is not a bad idea to adjust the output videos in the 'Settings' button. Such as the 'video codec', video size, bitrates or even the audio channels. Surely you can leave the default as usual. 


At the end of this paper, if you have finished the preparation, back to the main interface, just hit the 'Convert' to get this NX1 H.265 to MPEG-2 conversion started. Or any other suggestions or better methods you can leave the message below, okay? 

Additionally, we also found a third-party plug-in released by Cinemartin, it is initially for Adobe Premiere Pro which allows users to export sequence timeline to all versions of prores or HEVC/H.265. Just look the short videos below as referene 

Youtube guides video url: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JaZDpXwoT_o 

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Source: http://1080p-video-tool.blogspot.com/2014/12/edit-nx1-h.265-footage-in-premiere.html


Workflow: Convert MKV FLAC to MP4/M4V/MKV AC3 5.1 on PC/Mac

Summary: Why cannot we directly watch MKV FLAC files on our PC/Mac? How about converting them to the common audios AC3 5.1 in MP4/M4V, which can both be the suitable one on PC/Mac? Let's see more details! 

The common MKV files we see are coded with H.264 video and AAC audio. As the demand of high quality audio enjoyment, more and more MKV files are codec with DTS AC3, FLAC audio. MKV FLAC can give people extraordinary listening experience as audio coded is used the lossless audio format FLAC. Such as play our MKV files to QuickTime or on VLC player? Here is the truth that we need to convert our MKV FLAC to AC3/AAC 5.1 on PC/Mac for nice enjoyment with no difficulties. 


Why we need to convert MKV FLAC to AC3 5.1 for playback on PC/Mac? 
MKV FLAC can give people extraordinary listening experience as audio codec used the lossless audio format FLAC. However, the compatibility of MKV FLAC is quite limited. If you want to play MKV with FLAC audio on other devices, you will need to convert MKV FLAC to AC3 in MP4/M4V/MKV. Encoding channel to AC3 5.1 channel is not a bad idea for playback on PC/Mac. 

Solutions to solve the problems of converting MKV FLAC files to AC3 5.1 on PC/Mac:
Cause we have some problems in smoothly playing our MKV FLAC on our computers, do you have any third-party tools that can handle the audios well? Though there are some audio assistants that could work your job, with the bundled-plug-ins or apps you have to download together, you will be confused a lot, right? Fortunately, we have the Pavtube Video Converter for Windows/Mac, which has the ability of converting our various audio files to be compatible for popular media players. 

Specific guide on how to turn our MKV FLAC files to AC3 5.1 for a nice playback: 
Step 1. Download and install the MKV FLAC to AC3 5.1 converter on PC, then we need to load our original files in with 'Add video' and 'Add from folder' buttons on the left corner. Just drag them in is also a good idea. 


Step 2.How to convert your Audios from FLAC to AC3 5.1? Click the 'Format' bar to get into the output list. Come to the 'Common Audio' column to find the correct item 'AC3-Dolby Digital AC-3(*.ac3)' as the best output one. Just take the following screen shot as follows. 


Notes: If you wanna convert your original MKV formats, we suggest you open the 'Common Video' on the output list, could your find the 'MP4' or 'M4V' as output there? Just select them as suitable ones if you want. 

Step 3. When we come to the 'Settings', we can adjust our audio channels which means we can change our audio channel to 5.1 we need. What's more, we can here adjust our video size, bitrates or frame rate to the meet our requirements on media players. 


Finally, go back to the main interface, click the 'Convert' button to end your conversion work. With this MKV FLAC to AC3 5.1 audio assistant, we are surprise to handle the audio converting job well. So now, do you know clearly about it? 

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MXF MultiMixer/iMixMXF Key Features: 
-Import/preserve/mix multi-track MXF in MKV/MP4/MOV formats. 
-Output multi-track Apple Prores MOV for further editing in Final Cut Pro (X). 
-Support DVCPRO/HDV/Avid DNxHD/AIC output 
-Convert MXF to any other formats for editing, playing, or broadcasting. 
-Merge/split/trim/crop MXF footages. 

Video Converter for Windows/Mac Key Features: 
-Convert from and to any common SD/HD video and audio format. 
-Support Apple ProRes/DVCPRO/HDV/Avid DNxHD/AIC encoding. 
-Output formats for Windows/Mac editing software, e.g. FCP, iMovie, FCE, Avid, Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas Pro, etc. 
-Output formats for different playback devices, hdtv, hd media players, etc. 


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Source: http://bestvideoking.blogspot.co ... p4-m4v-ac3-5.1.html

Easily Edit Sony PMW-100 MXF in Premiere Pro on Mac

Summary: If you have problems with editing Sony PMW-100 HD422 MXF media files in Adobe Premiere Pro, you can get the best solution here to fix in how to import Sony PMW-100 XDCAM HD422 MXF in Adobe Premiere Pro smoothly. Just freely convert original MXF to MPG, which could be the best one for Adobe Premiere Pro. 


Sony PMW-100 XDCAM HD422 Handheld Camcorder is a comfortable companion for Sony's entire XDCAM line, including the optical-disc models and the camcorders, like this one, that record HD video to SxS cards. You can easily integrate the PMW-100 into both XDCAM EX and XDCAM Professional Disc workflows. The handy PMW-100 offers broadcast-quality 50 Mb/s MPEG-2 recording at 1920 x 1080 in a very compact form factor. However, it seems difficulty for us to edit Sony MXF in some NLEs, such as iMovie/FCEAvid MC, etc. 

Sony PMW-100 50Mbps MXF recordings can bring you better quality and make it easy for broadcasting, but as this XDCAM MXF format is not well supported by Premiere Pro, most users may encounter many audio and video problems, such as bitrate unsupported, and synchronization program. So how to edit Sony PMW-100 MXF files in Premiere Pro smoothly? The best workaround for us is to convert Sony PMW-100 MXF to Adobe Premiere Pro most compatible format, like .MOV, and it will make the editing work much smooth and easier. 

First of all, we highly recommend the Sony XDCAM MXF Converter ( Pavtube MXF Converter Mac ) for you, which allows you to convert/transcode Sony PMW-100 XDCAM HD422 MXF files to Premiere Pro easily and quickly that you just need a few clicks. Below, we give you the step-by-step guide. Before follow the guide, you need to download and install the best Sony XDCAM MXF to PPro Converter on your Mac OS X Lion. 


Step 1. After downloading, install and run this MXF to Premiere Pro Converter, just copy the MXF files from PMW-100 right to your hard drive, import the files to the software. 

Step 2. Click "Format" bar to choose the output format. Click and choose "Format > Adobe Premiere/Sony Vegas > MOV (AVC)(*.mov) or MPEG-2 Video (*.mpg)" as output format. The XDCAM MXF Converter for Mac will convert Sony PMW-100 MXF videos to MOV/MPG with the original video resolution. 


Step 3. You can click "Settings" button to adjust the parameters, such as resolution, bitrate, etc. 

Step 4. Click "Convert" button to start converting Sony PMW-100 MXF to MOV/MPG for importing to Premiere Pro on Mac. 

After the conversion is finished, just run Adobe Premiere Pro and import the .mpg or .mov files for editing. You will find the output video work perfectly on Adobe Premiere Pro. 

PS. If you do not know how to import video to Adobe, please reference the following guide: 
Adobe Premiere Pro workflow: How to import Media Files to Premiere Pro on Mac 

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How to Import Sony XDCAM EX MP4 to Final Cut Pro X

Summary: This article aims to guide you how to import Sony XDCAM EX MP4 to Final Cut Pro 7/X without rendering on Mac OS 10.8 by convert Sony XDCAM MP4 to Prores with Pavtube Sony HD Video Converter. Do you knwn any details on the process of transcoding MP4 to ProRes MOV? Just be a good reader below. 

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Sony XDCAM EX camcorders like PMW-EX3, PMW-200, PMW-EX1, PMW 150, etc are great for us to take high quality full HD videos. If you have got one and often use it to record 1080p video, you may have the need to edit the generated XDCAM EX MP4 files in Final Cut Pro on Mac. But after test, we find that this MP4 format can't even be played on Mac OS 10.8 and when loading these MP4 files in FCP X, it shows with a black screen. Many fresh users don't know what to do. But don't worry. Just follow me to learn how to import .mp4 files from Sony XDCAM to FCP X

Question : I'm having trouble importing Sony camera footage. FCP X does not accept Sony XDCAM MP4 footage. I'd like to just convert the MP4 to ProRes, instead of using this XDCAM program. Is there a way? And is there a reason why Sony footage files suck when used with FCP X? 

Load the MP4 videos in FCP by Sony XDCam Transfer plugin (Complexed and may have reliability and incompatiblity issues) Calibrated{Q} MP4-EX Import component($149.95) supports tranferring MP4 to QuickTime MOV but it don't fit for Final Cut Pro X. (Expensive and not supported FCP X) 

Here Mac Sony XDCAM EX Converter( Pavtube HD Video Converter for Mac helps you to convert Sony XDCAM MP4 files to Prores 422 for FCP X with original quality. (Easy and Helpful way) 

As you see, the last solution is the esaiest and effective way. 

Below are step to step guide for transferring Sony PMW-EX3 XDCAM MP4 files to FCP X on Mac OS 10.8 
Step 1. Load MXF or MP4 files from Sony XDCAM camcorder to the professional Mac XDCAM to FCP X Converter. 

Download Sony XDCAM MP4 to Prores Converter for mac, and install it. Click the Add Video button to import Sony XDCAM seperate mp4 files or press on"add from folder" button to add MP4 folder. 

Tip: If you want to merge Sony XDCAM MXF or MP4 files for Final Cut Pro X, just need to check the "Merge into one files" box. 


Step 2: Select Apple ProRes 422 as native format for FCP X. 

Click on the Format box and select "Apple ProRes 422 (*.mov)" or "Apple ProRes 422 HQ (*.mov)" format from dropdown-list. Due to the difference in the compresstion standard of AVCHD and ProRes 422, the converted files are significantly larger than the original ones. If you prefer smaller file size, please choose "Apple ProRes 422 (LT) (*.mov)" instead. 


Tips: The main difference between the five ProRes codecs for you: 

Apple ProRes 422 – Higher quality than Apple ProRes 422 (LT); 

Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) – Keep original video quality for editing in FCP; 

Apple ProRes 422 (LT) – Get a smaller file sizes than Apple ProRes 422; 

Apple ProRes 422 (Proxy) – SD levels – 480i/p and 576i/p. Used in offline workflows; 

Apple ProRes 4444 – Edit and finish 4:4:4 materialStep 3: Set to get better quality as you like. 

Step 3. Edit Sony XDCAM MXF/MP4 footage with the best Sony XDCAM Converter for FCP X. 

Trim MXF/MP4 file into small segments, cut black sides around video, apply special effects, audio replacement, etc. And click "Settings" button, then you will enter the following interface, on which you are allowed to customize size, bit rate, frame rate, sample rate, and audio channel to your required ones. (Tip: this converter can helps you to downmix 5.1 channell to stereo for Final Cut Pro X editing) 


Step 4. You can edit the Sony XDCAM MP4 video before conversion. By clicking "" button, you can trim, crop the video, or add watermark and adjust effect to the videos which you will convert. 

Step 5. Click "" to start to transcode Sony XDCAM MP4 footage to ProRes 422 MOV on Mac OS X. 

When the Sony XDCAM MXF/MP4 to ProRes MOV conversion is done, simply click "Open" button to transfer the generated files to FCP X for editing on Mac. Find this Sony XDCAM to FCP X Converter makes your editing work more easy and convenient? Now you can effortlessly and losslessly convert and import Sony XDCAM MXF/MP4 footage into FCP X without rending time

After fast Sony XDCAM mp4 to FCP X Conversion, you can directly Importing video files and projects into Final Cut Pro X without problems on Mac OS X 10.8. And please remember for FCP X users, make sure that you have installed the Apple ProRes Codec manually since the FCP X asks users to install it by themselves. 

P. S. 
If you want to convert a XDCam EX MP4 file into a mac-compatible file for enjoying which retain the same size and quality, with running xdcam browser you can preview the MP4 files or export as a mxf file, but can't transfer to a .mov file and this rewapped .mxf file may not be viewing. Also, can try a program called "Calibrated{Q} XD Decode codec" ($89.95) to encode MP4 files for playback. But using Pavtube HD Video Converter for mac($35) can helps you to tranfer to a mac friendly format like .mov. easily and fastly. 

If you have rewapped the MP4 files to MXF by xdcam browser, you can also use Pavtube Mac HD Video Converter above,and if you like, you can try another related software Mac Sony MXF Converterspecially designed for MXF files. 

Hope the guide on making transferring Sony PMW-EX3 XDCAM EX HD Camcorder clip to FCP X easier can give you a big help. 

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How to Import Single .mts/.m2ts files to Final Cut Pro

Summary: Don't konw how to import single .mts/.m2ts files to Final Cut Pro? Follow the article below, you will get to know the easy way to transcode individual AVCHD footage to Prores mov for editing in FCP. 

Questions here: Could MTS/M2TS be directly accepted by other popular NLEs such like Premiere ProiMovie, etc. Or could we go through the way smoothly in uploading MTS/M2TS on YouTube/Vimeo

MTS and M2TS both are file extensions for the high definition digital video camera recorder format, AVCHD. AVCHD was jointly established by Sony Corporation and Panasonic Corporation in 2006 for use in their digital tapeless camcorders. MTS files can typically be opened and edited using the software included with Sony, Panasonic and some Canon HD camcorders. 

But practically speaking, importing AVCHD to FCP might be tricky, due to the version of FCP, your Mac processor (PowerPC- or older Intel-based Mac don't support AVCHD editing) , and the model of camcorder. Thus, many users report that they can't import AVCHD files into FCP using camera import, or can't edit them by selecting the single .mts clips. 


As AVCHD format records video using the MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 video codec, to get FCP recognise single .mts/.m2ts files, you need to convert your AVCHD files to FCP friendly format like Prores .MOV with a 3rd party tool. 

Here recommend you the top Pavtube MTS/M2TS Converter for Mac which can help you to convert AVCHD to Apple ProRes 422 preserving the original quality that get individual .mts/.m2ts files to edit in FCP successfully. 

Plus, this Mac AVCHD converter also supports converting AVCHD MTS footage to iMovie, Adobe Premiere, Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Express and more to meet your needsWhat's more, some easy-to-use editing features like trimming, cropping, adding watermark, deinterlacing, etc are combined with the convert program. Now, follow the step-by-step guide transcoding single .mts/.m2ts to Final Cut Pro. 

1. Download the best AVCHD Converter for FCP, install and run it. As soon as its main interface appears, click "Add video" or "Add from folder" icon to load your individual .mts/.m2ts files that stored on your Mac. 


2. Choose "Apple ProRes 422 (*.mov)" as output format from "Final Cut Pro" option as the best codec with single .mts/.m2ts footage in Final Cut Pro. 


3. Click "Convert" to start AVCHD to FCP conversion. 
Once the conversion is done, you can click "Open" button to find out the generated files with ease. 

How to import the converted video files to FCP for further editing? 
Launch Final Cut Pro, choose File > Import > Files…. 

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Editing Playing Uploading M2TS files to MOV MP4 on Mac

Summary: The article will tell you how to transcode M2T footages for editing, playing, uploading on Mac via the best Mac M2T Video Converter. On th one hand, M2T indeed brought us the high definition images, on the other hand, it also has brought us some issues when enjoy it on Mac with MP4/MOV. 

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What is M2T files? 
M2T is High-definition video recording format used by many HD camcorders; commonly referred to as "HDV"; uses MPEG-2 compression to store HD video data on DV or MiniDV tapes; supports resolutions of 720p and1080i. The native format of HDV isn't QuickTime, its .M2T. 

Anyway, freely play M2T videos on computer and your Android/iOS devices, to share on YouTube/Vimeo/Facebook, to convert AVCHD for editing or simply some other formats becomes a great demand among many folks. Anyway, while working on my latest Macbook, I needed to do the M2T Converting to get M2T freely work with my Mac. Tthere are many conversion programs available on the Internet. I'd like Pavtube MTS/M2TS Converter for Mac ( You can also look for Win Version : Pavtube MTS/M2TS Converter). 


This program is highly recommended for its easy interface, efficient workflow and reliable video quality. It will not only transcode M2T mts to MOV/MP4 for native editing and playing on Win/Mac, but alsokeeping audio and video synchronization on Mac (including Mountain Lion/Mavericks). In a word, how to convert/merge MTS/M2TS footage from different cameras has become the top point. 

Overrall, With the program, you can transcode AVCHD MTS/M2TS/M2T/TS files at 1080i, 1080p, and 720p to proper format for: 

Editing on FCP, iMovie, FCE, Avid, Premiere, iPhoto and more; 
Playing on portable devices(iPad, iPhone, iPod, Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Galaxy S4, S3, Tab 3, Tab 2, HTC One and so on); 

Burning on Mac OS X 
Uploading to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and more uses. 

What's more, the AVCHD Converter for Mac supports adding .srt, .ass, .ssa subtitle to your videos or movies. 
Subtitle FAQs 
How to output embedded with subtitle AIC MOV video? 

Now, get it installed and let's start to quick convert M2T videos for editing, burning, sharing or playback on Mac 

Step 1. Add .m2t files to the M2T Converter for Mac. 
Launch the MTS to MOV Converter. Click "Add Video" or "Add from folder" button to load your source M2T videos. 


Tip: If you want lossless merge multiple M2T files, pleas check the "Merge into one file" box. 

Step 2. Choose Mac native foramt as output. 

You can choose Final Cut Pro -> Apple ProRes 422 (*.mov), this codec is optimized for FCP editing; 


You can also choose Avid Media Composer -> Avid DNxHD (*.mov), it's for Avid editing; 


For playback, you can choose HD Video -> QuickTime MOV; 

For sharing on website like YouTube, you can choose MP4 format for output. 

P.S. If you wanna edit the video/audio parameters, you need to go to "Settings" window. 

Click the "Convert" button under the preview window, and the best M2T Converter for Mac will start converting M2T clips to Mac compatible mov/mp4 format. 

When the conversion is done, you will be directed to open the folder where you saved the converted files, and then you can import output video files for editing, playing, sharing and burning. 

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Import MP4 to iMovie - Mavericks HD Video Converter

Summary: This guide will show you how to ingest mp4 movies and edit them in iMovie quickly and easily on Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks. I don't know if you have ever met such similar questions, if you did, why not take the following article as a reference for enjoying editing MP4 files in iMovie? 


iMovie is the fastest and easiest way to turn home movies into dazzling Hollywood-style hits. It is a video editing software sold by Apple Inc., and a part of iLife suite of Macintosh applications. It allows users to edit their own family movie. When iMovie firstly appear it is popular with simplification, and most of the work is finished by simple clicking and dragging. Due to this cause, sometimes iMovie is not so simple to let us to edit 4K videosMXF files, etc. So here do you wanna get a further learning of iMovie AVI

Technically, iMovie does import MP4 video. However, iMovie only import MP4 files that are encoded with MPEG4/AAC or H.264/AAC data. And yet, MP4 is a video container format that may contain various audio and video codec (and sometimes even subtitle streams included). If the MP4 file is not encoded with iMovie support codec, iMovie will refuse to import this kind of MP4 video

Therefore, you can firstly convert MP4 to iMovie supported video formats to make it easy for you to import MP4 files into iMovie. iMovie is not so that picky on formats but it prefers AIC(Advanced Intermediate codec) in editing. Is there any quick and easy way to do this? 

Pavtube MP4 to imovie Converter (Pavtube HD Video Converter for Mac) can give you easy but effective solution for importing MP4 footages into iMovie for editing on Mac (including Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks). With the assistance of the Mavericks HD Video Converter, you can effortlessly transcode MP4 file to iMovie acceptable AIC .mov. Then, what you need is just to import the converted file into iMovie for editing. Just follow the steps below to transcode MP4 to AIC for importing to imovie for editing on Mavericks. 

1. Install and launch the Mac Mavericks HD Video Converter. You can directly drag and drop mp4 video files to this software. 


2. Click Format bar to choose the output format. Click and choose iMovie and Final Cut Express>Apple Intermediate Codec(AIC) (*.mov). 


4.You can click "Settings" to customize the output parameters, adjust the resolution, bitrate as you want. 


5.Start convert MP4 to AIC for iMovie editing on Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks. 

Click the "Convert" button to start transcoding MP4 to AIC .MOV videos to be compatible with iMovie. 

After the MP4 to Prores conversion finished, you can easily import video files and projects into iMovie for further editing without any trouble. Congratulations! You have successfully taken the first step to make your own masterpiece. 

With this MP4 to AIC Converter, you can easily change MP4 files to iMovie for editing. This software runs fast, so you can convert your MP4 video to iMovie in less time. video and audio synchronization are perfectly guaranteed. 

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Sony AX100 XAVC S - Exported H.265 Codec Video for editing, playing

Receive XAVC S footage from the newest Sony FDR-AX100 camcorder? After editing your XAVC files in PowerDirector 13, both H.265 and H.264 codec videos you can get as output. but how to convert them freely to each other has become an important task. 


'Last sunday I made my first shot with FDR-AX100. Then I edit the video with PowerDirector13 Ultra. I create 2 exports: One 4K-to-1080p H264 codec and One 4K-to-1080p H265 codec. Both videos are MP4 conteiners. In order to freely transcode the H.265 and H.264 to each other no matter for editing in NELs or playing on media players, I'm looking for a professional video converter that can work the issues well. Any good suggestions?' 

Pavtube Video Converter - Best H.264/H.265 converter for us! 

From H.264 to H.265, we can fully take advantage of the higher quality and smaller size. While from H.265 to H.264, it can help us edit or play H.265 videos on NELs and players much more eaisly. That's the truth! So here we strongly recommend the Pavtube Video Converter for you, with the newest version, it can support the H.265/HEVC videos encode and decode well. Let's see the great changes of this H.65 Video Converter (Upgraded details

How to Encode Sony AX100 XAVC S videos to H.265 video for playing?[b]

[b]Step 1
. When you download and install this program in according to its instructions, open the main interface, drag your files with 'Add video' or 'Add from folder', we can easily let the source files in. The latest version can support the H.265/HEVC videos for importing well. 


Step 2. Next, let's come to the output list for more details, there are some main changes we should know better in this new version. Such as the added item 'H.264 Baseline/Main/High' three standards we can choose as we want. Usually, for some older devices, we can choose the baseline for the best, but for new, we always choose the 'High' to get the best quality. 


What's more, we can see the added 'HD Video>>H.265 HD Video(*/mp4)', here we can transcode our video to H.265 codec. With the smallest body of H.265 videos, I'm afraid it will take us a lot of time. So if you are free, why not have a try to presume the higher video quality? As mentioned above, we can choose this one for editing in PowerDirector for a nice editing. 


The upgraded version has already fixed the bug of the crash when importing MXF in XAVC codec in for working. Additionally, the original 'Settings' and 'Edit' functions they have preserved well. 

Tips: For now, the two versions are only available for Windows, the upgraded Mac version will release as soon as possible. So if you have already got this H.265 video converter, just click the 'Help'>>'Update'to the latest version for more enjoyment. Now, are you still worrying about how o deal with the H.264/H.265 videos after edited from PowerDirrector 13? 

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    Source: http://bestvideoking.blogspot.com/2015/01/sony-ax100-exports-h.264-h.265-videos.html


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    MXF MultiMixer/iMixMXF Key Features:
    -Import/preserve/mix multi-track MXF in MKV/MP4/MOV formats.
    -Output multi-track Apple Prores MOV for further editing in Final Cut Pro (X).
    -Support DVCPRO/HDV/Avid DNxHD/AIC output
    -Convert MXF to any other formats for editing, playing, or broadcasting.
    -Merge/split/trim/crop MXF footages.

    Video Converter for Windows/Mac Key Features:
    -Convert from and to any common SD/HD video and audio format.
    -Support Apple ProRes/DVCPRO/HDV/Avid DNxHD/AIC encoding.
    -Output formats for Windows/Mac editing software, e.g. FCP, iMovie, FCE, Avid, Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas Pro, etc.
    -Output formats for different playback devices, hdtv, hd media players, etc.

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  • 2015 Best HEVC/H.265 Encoder and Converter for Windows 8.1/8 Users

    Summary: Here are several best upgraded H.265/HEVC video converters offered especially for those Windows users who wanna work with their H.265/HEVC recordings. 

    In a word, as the newest H.265/HEVC codec has become more and more popular in our video codec area. What brought to us was the related questions. What's the true meaning of H.265/HEVC? How could we edit or play H.265/HEVC codec videos? Is there any best methods provided for us to handle the H.265 encode and decode workflow well for other common or h.265 media devices? 

    Why we need this H.265/HEVC instead of H.264? 

    In a word, in order to compress our videos to smaller size and higher quality for a nice enjoyment, we sometimes wanna do some changes with this new codec. The new H.265 video format brings one huge benefit, which is the ability to stream high-quality video at half the bitrate that's normally required with H.264. While H.264 has become extremely popular during the past recent years, the ICU says that H.265 will be relevant for at least the next decade, and it could made 4K streaming less of a burden on bandwidth. 

    See also: Comparison between H.265 (HEVC) and H.264 (AVC) 


    Pavtube Video Converter - 2015 Best H.265/HEVC Encoder and Converter 

    Several days ago, Pavtube Studio, which is a famous video transcode studio announced that their upgraded Windows products can support the H.265/HEVC encode and decode job. I s that cool? With this good news, we won't worry about the H.265/HEVC recordings from some advanced 4K camcorders. Let's learn more information here. 

    Key features after upgraded: 

    1. Acting as the H.265 Encoder, Pavtube Video Converter enables to encode all variety of video files including MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, ASF, MPG, MKV, VOB, FLV, AVCHD, MXF, MOD, TOD, R3D, TS, RMVB, WTV and etc. to H.265(HEVC) format. 


    2. Acting as the H.265 Decoder, it supports decoding H.265 to other video format like MP4, AVI or directly convert H.265 video to audio format like MP3, WAV, AAC, WMA, AIFF, FLAC, RA, AU, DTS and etc. 

    3. Acting as the H.265 Player, Pavtube H.265 Converter can directly play H.265 video files without format conversion in the preview window after loaded in. 

    4. Acting as the H.265 Editor, it can edit H.265 like merge H.265 files into one, crop H.265, trim H.265, rotate H.265 video, add subtitles/watermark to HEVC, adjust the H.265 parameter like bitrates, frame rate, aspect ratio, audio volume and etc. 

    Main H.265/HEVC Conversion guide you should know as follows: 

    When you download the three H.265/HEVC converters we mentioned above, launch it and on the main interface you will see the 'Add video' and 'Add from folder' to make a favor in importing H.265 source files. Then on the output list, any one you can choose as you favorite if you need. For example, from H.265 to H.264, let's come to the 'Common Video' to select the 'H.264 Baseline/Main/High profile(*.mp4)' as the best. Just like the screen shot showed to you. 

    See also: H.265 vs XAVC vs H.264 high profile output 


    Before you start to work this H.265/HEVC conversion job, some extra functional items you can take a close looking. Such as the 'Settings' 'Edit' or 'Options' etc. With a high conversion speed, it will not take much more time to wait for the result. In all, it will be much easier to handle your H.265/HEVC videos in some popular Windows programs. Good luck! 

    Free download the best H.265/HEVC Video Converter - Pavtube Video Converter for Windows users, install and launch it, the following interface will pop up. Simple guide on how to encode your H.265/HEVC Videos for editing, playing, burning and sharing etc.: http://www.video-pedia.com/2014/12/31/best-h265-hevc-video-encoder-decoder/ 

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